Yale University Online Courses

Yale University Online Courses

Yale University Online Courses are offered by a renowned Educational Testing Service (ETS)
known for its quality education and research work. The ETS is committed to providing quality
education to millions of pupils from around the world through its Global Education Program
(GEP), an initiative of the New Haven Commission on International Student Affairs. Now, Yale
University Online Courses are available to the international students through the Yale University
Global Campus. The Global Campus has been established at Yale University in New Haven,
Connecticut. It is located in the heart of Yale University.

Through the university online program, International students have the opportunity to participate
in the Masters program in Environmental Studies. This Masters program offers over forty
coursework areas that cover a variety of academic disciplines. Specializations in environmental
studies offer students a number of unique benefits that would be hard to find elsewhere. The
Masters program offers students the chance to conduct independent studies and participate in
conferences and workshops, which gives you an extensive knowledge of the global
environmental issues. You also get to experience first hand how important it is to engage
yourself in community projects, which are relevant to your field of study. Participating in student
organization, seminars and workshops allow you to develop leadership skills, while building
upon your previous academic achievements.

Another exciting aspect of Yale University Online Courses is that it brings people together from
different backgrounds. This interdependence and teamwork creates positive impact around the
world. This is possible because the various course materials and online learning resources are
created by highly experienced experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. This
not only makes these courses interesting, but also helps people learn from each other in a fun
and interactive environment.

The research university has put forth a challenge to itself. The Yale University Online Courses
will take two days to complete, and you have access to over five thousand video and audio
lectures, presentations, essays, short readings and literature that is pertinent to your course.
Some of the most interesting and engaging features of this course include:

The first four weeks of the Yale University Online Courses help students to gain an
understanding of the global challenges and identify their interests. They will learn about the
issues in the present and formulate solutions to these problems. In the second two days of the
course, students can expect to engage in hands-on research activities and engage in the
university’s current affairs. They will have a chance to read important publications and master
the many tools of research. The last two days of the four week online courses will prepare
students for the final exam that will confirm their eligibility to sit for the prestigious fellowship at

This university offers courses that are aligned with the needs of its future professionals. There
are free online courses available to prepare students for the upcoming business year,
upcoming global leaders, upcoming environmental studies graduates and the new workforce that
will be needed in the next few years. Yale University offers business administration, finance and
global management as well as general management electives, among other electives.

The first four weeks of the Yale University Online Courses will help students to determine which
direction their career will take them. They will learn about the current business models and how
to develop new ones through hands-on case studies and interactive online coursework. During
the last two weeks of the course, students will be able to participate in the university’s annual

Global Challenges, hosted by former President Bill Clinton. The Global Challenges program was
launched in 2000 and is one of the university’s most distinguished programs. This program helps
students from Yale, Cambridge and Yale Law School review current global challenges and
formulate strategies to overcome them.

For those who wish to further their education, Yale University offers a number of excellent free
online courses in business, law and environmental studies. Students can sign up for any of
these six days to discover if this university might have a golden opportunity for them. If it does,
then they have a chance to obtain their degree and turn their dreams into reality. It is easy to
sign up for all six days’ free online courses and to enroll in one specific school, while others may
have different demands. To discover which university has a golden opportunity for you, log on to
the university’s website and check out their student catalog.