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Naruto: 10 Hinata Hyuga Cosplays That Are Too Good | ScreenRant

Among the many female characters that fans love in the Naruto series is The Byakugan Princess, Hinata Hyuga. Initially timid and lacking in confidence, Hinata eventually becomes Naruto’s love interest and a very powerful ninja.

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Cosplayers love dressing as her because of her distinct eyes; they are white without pupils and are evidence of her inherited dojutsu. Such a trait provides a unique challenge for cosplayers to emulate, along with Hinata’s dark blue hair and purple-toned costumes. Whether as her younger, shyer self or in her more confident and mature form, Instagram cosplayers relish in portraying this female master of chakra.

10 Casual Chunin

True to her reserved nature, younger Hinata usually dresses comfortably rather than putting on a flashy outfit. Artist Mina captures this essence with her cosplay. The purple jacket is loose-fitting over a mesh top, while a modern pair of jeans represent the blue pants Hinata wears.

Her long wig is a shade of blue so dark it seems black, and the torn strips of cloth are a rough interpretation of her knife holster. While the eyes are not completely blank, they are pale enough that they stay true to the character.

9 Shy Crush


Having fallen for Naruto Uzumaki at a young age, Hinata tends to get more bashful whenever she tries to talk to him. Novice cosplayer Yuki shows this timid attitude with her presentation. Along with the loose jacket and frost white contacts, she incorporates the signature Leaf Village band around Hinata’s neck and a long indigo wig that is perfectly styled.

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Since she is using the common anime pose of touching fingers together to indicate shyness, it is obvious she is staring at the nice and kind-hearted hero Naruto.

8 Cute Kunoichi

One main point that many Naruto fans agree on is that Hinata is one of the most adorable characters in the anime, and this cuteness is captured in Luxlo’s cosplay. The demure posture and gentle smile make this the very definition of kawaii.

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The costume is an excellent replica of Hinata’s Shippuden attire, with a long blueberry wig and pearl white eyes. The traditional Japanese decor in the background makes it seem as though Hinata is at her family home in the Hidden Leaf Village.

7 Neko Ninja

It is a popular trend among cosplayers to give a beloved character a cute animalistic flair, and cosplayer Haruhi follows this trend with her interpretation of Hinata. With jeweled cat ears on top of her head, she gives the impression of a cuddly kitten.

While Hinata’s initial hues are purple, this version leans more towards shades of blue with the wig being a brighter ultramarine. There is also a nose ring included, which gives the usually soft-spoken Hinata a bit of an edge.

6 Blooming Flower

As Hinata gets older, she starts to gain more confidence, and the cosplay presented by Palma shows the beginning stages of this. While the overall posture still seems somewhat withdrawn, the lean forward and the deeper unzipping of the jacket indicate Hinata’s growing self-assurance and likeability.

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The long wig is brighter than usually depicted, popping forth with a sapphire shade of blue that emphasizes the white contacts. The cherry blossoms in the background are also a nice touch to accentuate Hinata’s gentle nature and overall femininity.

5 Young Hinata

When Hinata is first introduced in Naruto, her hair is much shorter and she hides in a neutral-colored coat instead of her signature lavender. LA cosplayer Indi shows off her design of the young genin fresh out of the academy.

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In lieu of a fur-lined coat, she wears a more comfortable hoodie for the given climate. The wig perfectly emulates the short style Hinata wears at this point in her life, although it is a bright royal blue rather than the standard darker shade.

4 Power of Byakugan

One unique power that Hinata has is her inherited Byakugan, which gives her eyes their unusual color and which grants Hinata unique abilities even her beloved Naruto cannot perform. Cosplayer Saiko Purinsesu uses top-notch makeup skills to illustrate this ability.

Discarding the jacket and wearing only the mesh armor and headband, this Hinata has long hair that is more of a bluish purple. Given the use of her Byakugan and the position of her hand, it looks like she is ready to perform a jutsu on an opponent.

3 Quiet Yet Powerful

Even though Hinata is more soft-spoken in her youth, she has excellent control of her chakra as a result of the Hyuga clan’s training. The cosplay of Shiro Ychigo shows subtle signs of this behind the passive attitude that the rejected heiress initially projects; the pensive look could actually be concentration to keep her chakra in check.

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While the beige jacket seems lighter than in the initial design, it nails the details of the arm patches while the bob-style hair is a lighter shade of cobalt blue.

2 Unexpected Warrior

As she becomes an adult, Hinata improves her fighting skills and becomes a talented ninja and iconic heroine. Cosplayer Michele Moraes captures this older and stronger version of the brave kunoichi with her costume design. The attire is on point with a lilac purple top and black calf-high boots.

The alabaster eyes stand out more with the use of a dark violet wig. Although the tattoos are not originally part of Hinata’s look, they emphasize how she is no longer someone to push around.

1 Blushing Bride

Hinata’s greatest dream comes true when she marries Naruto. Chilean cosplayer Hyu dons the bridal gown that she wears on her wedding day. The kimono is exquisite with its red trimmings and detailed scroll tucked into her obi.

Hinata’s usually straight hair is done up in a curly azure ponytail adorned with a giant white flower. The red lipstick that Hinata puts on for her special day makes her porcelain white eyes stand out even more. Overall, it is a fitting homage to The Byakugan Princess.

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