Howard University Scholarships

Howard University Scholarships

Many individuals, who have family or personal financial difficulties, may qualify for Howard
University Scholarships. The key to qualifying for this particular scholarship is completing the
FAFSA, which is required by most colleges to apply for financial aid. You can find out more
about the FAFSA by contacting any financial aid office at Howard University. In some cases, the
FAFSA will determine if you qualify for federal or state assistance to further your education. In
most cases, Howard University scholarships close the gap by just slightly above the cost of
attendance, it’s very important to fill out the FAFSA as early as possible.

In addition to getting a Howard University Scholarship, students must also complete and pass an
accredited business administration major, along with a minimum GPA. The major requirements
are quite simple; students must major in either commerce or accounting, with the GPA
requirements ranging from 3.4 to a 3.5. Students who have already completed their first two
years at a community college will be automatically qualified for the major. However, students
must still submit the FAFSA to determine their eligibility for the GPA requirement.

Students who wish to participate in the scholarship program must meet all the general eligibility
requirements, which includes: a high school diploma or GED, a citizenship, and American
history. There are also other requirements, including: athletic prowess, and a minimum grade
point average. An additional scoring criterion requires students to list all of their extracurricular
activities in their application. Each scholarship program has its own unique criteria, so applicants
should always check with the university prior to submitting their FAFSA to determine their
eligibility for a particular scholarship program. If you feel that you may meet a greater need for
financial aid, Howard University offers a number of tuition assistance options, which can better
assist you with paying for your tuition.

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Two types of scholarship programs exist for undergraduate students, namely; the Merit-based
financial aid, and the Activity-based financial aid. The merit-based scholarship program awards
students a tuition scholarship based on academic performance. The majority of merit-based
scholarships are given to students with exceptional academic achievements in science,
mathematics, and physical science. A small number of these scholarships are given to students
with exceptional academic achievement in reading, writing, and science. Undergraduate
students may also qualify for free government student loans or low interest federal loans, if they
maintain a satisfactory grade point average.

An activity-based scholarship program awards financial assistance to students who exhibit an
extracurricular activity or service that enhances the quality of life. Some examples of activities
that would qualify for this award include leadership in student groups, public speaking skills,
student participation in community service, or volunteer activities in Howard’s AIDS Prevention
Program. Most activity-based scholarships require that the award recipient live in the state of
Howard, have earned at least a high school diploma, and participate in a minimum of eight hours
of community service each month. There is also an outstanding merit scholarship available for
Howard University graduate students who are involved in research projects focusing on the
fields of psychology, sociology, or social work.

Students with low interest and credit card debt can apply for Howard University scholarships that
award cash awards every year. The requirements for eligibility usually include a low interest
record, good grades, a low credit score, and a need for financial assistance. Applicants can
apply for these scholarships online at any number of financial aid websites. Students who wish
to participate in these programs must be enrolled full time in a college or university. This is
because most federal and state grants do not allow individuals who are not currently enrolled in
a college or university to participate.

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Students with low G.P.A. can also apply for Howard University Financial Aid, which awards a
scholarship in the name of a resident senior who has an excellent academic record and high
grade point average. To be eligible, a candidate must also meet all the requirements for Howard

Students can pursue an undergraduate degree through Howard University, which offers degrees
in many of the same majors that are offered on a national level. Students who wish to pursue
graduate studies in any of the graduate programs in science, mathematics, engineering, or arts
must apply for and qualify for a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. There
are undergraduate as well as graduate degrees which are offered in the fields of business,
criminal justice, nursing, social work, education, and law. A student may also complete an online
master’s degree program which will provide him or her with a certificate