Howard University Scholarships

Howard University Scholarships

Founded in 1867, Howard University is a private, historically black University in Washington, D.C. The University has an extensive history of providing educational opportunities for underrepresented groups, including African and Native Americans, and Latinx individuals.

Howard offers various academic programs, from undergraduate to graduate and professional degrees. The University offers programs in education, business, engineering, law, and the arts and sciences.

Howard University Scholarships

The availability of scholarships are one of the ways Howard University help to make higher education more accessible and affordable for its students.

Grants, scholarships, and fellowships are types of financial aid you do not need to repay. Various organizations, including Senators, Delegates, the federal government and community groups, departments, Howard University, etc., offer these kinds of aid.

The deadline for filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) information and other requirements can vary. You should go over any information in detail if you are an American student. The International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA) is a form that determines institutions’ eligibility based on need. The form is intended to be filled out by international students only.

Howard University Freshman Scholarship (HUFS)

The scholarships are available to incoming first-year students. The HUFS selection criteria used to award scholarships to incoming freshmen can change each year. There is no need for an internal application. The eligibility for merit-based awards is determined by students’ SAT/ACT scores and high school GPAs, which are input into their system through their Office of Admissions.

The allocations to HUFS Transfer scholarships can be changed each year, too. Funding might not be available year-round for new transfer students. However, transfer students who have previously received HUFS Transfer awards may be eligible to continue receiving them so long as they meet the requirements specified in their renewal contracts.

The eligibility criteria for the need-based HUFS awards are based on the student’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC). FAFSA is mandatory for students from the United States. ISFAA will be required of international students. Students can accept your HUFS offers by agreeing to the terms and conditions of their BisonWeb portal, as well as signing their HUFS Acceptance Contract in the Office of Financial Aid by the deadline specified.

HUFS awards expire after four years of enrollment or if an undergraduate student graduates before completing four years. The earned credits that are full-time and cumulative GPA requirements are listed within the criteria for eligibility for individual contracts.

Types of HUFS Awards

The following are one type of HUFS award students are only able to receive:

  • HU Presidential Scholarship
  • HU Opportunity Grant
  • HU Access Grant
  • HU Capstone Scholarship
  • HU Achievers Scholarship
  • HU Leadership Scholarship
  • HU Founders Scholarship

How to Apply

The following are the criteria you need to follow to apply for the Howard University Scholarships:

STEP 1: Submit a FAFSA / Renew a FAFSA

First, fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is accessible from October 1st, before the beginning of the academic year. Your FAFSA will be processed through various stages before being fully completed and filed in the Office of Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Student Employment.

When completing the FAFSA on the internet, taxpayers are recommended to utilize to use the IRS Data Retrieval tool when filling out the FAFSA to permit the data provided to the IRS to be uploaded to the FAFSA to speed up the process of applying and decrease the amount of paperwork we will require in the future.

Please note that Howard University has a priority deadline for filing of November 1st. Students who have submitted their FAFSA on or before November 1st are eligible for every available financial aid. The FAFSAs submitted after November 1st are still eligible for financial assistance. However, certain program funds may already be exhausted for those who have already met the deadline to submit their applications for priority.

STEP 2: Accept Your Aid Package

The Financial Aid Award Package that provides information about your financial aid awards will be sent to you. The award packet aims to let you know what aid you can receive if you go to Howard University. Take note of the directions carefully. It is mandatory to report any benefits or gifts (scholarships and grants) that aren’t listed in the award package. If you change the award, you must confirm the date, date and forward the information to the Office of Financial Aid. If you want to decrease the loan amount, contact the office.

STEP 3: Receive Your Aid

The amount you receive could be adjusted depending on your current enrollment when you sign up. Aid is distributed every term to the student account set up by you when you are accepted at the University.

STEP 4: Maintain Your Eligibility

To continue being considered for aid, you must satisfy the guidelines within Howard’s Financial Aid Policy. Satisfactory Academic Progression (SAP).