Howard University Graduate Programs

Howard University Graduate Programs

Howard University boasts of hundreds of academic and professional enrichment programs that
prepare you for a long and successful career in the field of medicine, law, business, or other
fields. Howard University offers online graduate programs that feature cutting-edge technology,
interdisciplinary research, and faculty who are committed to teaching and research. The
graduate programs at Howard University have received stellar reviews from national sources,

Howard University Graduate Programs provide students with a variety of degree options that
lead to different career goals. Howard University proudly confers degrees from a number of
schools, including: The School of Business; the College of Medicine; the College of Engineering
and Architecture; the School of Nursing and allied health sciences; and the College of Medicine
and Law. Online doctoral degree programs are available for undergraduate and graduate
students interested in pursuing doctorate degrees in any of these fields. Doctorate programs
also provide students the option of specializing in specific areas of study. In addition, Howard
University offers Master’s and Doctoral degrees in business administration, criminal justice
administration, global health management, public health, and political science.

Howard University Graduate Programs offer many unique student benefits that are not available
to students at any other school. Students in the business degree programs are given an
accelerated certification to become an executive in their field upon graduation. Furthermore,
student who attend an online Master’s program at Howard University earn more credits towards
their degree than those who attend traditional on-campus classes. Students can complete their
degree faster by using an accelerated program. Many graduate programs also offer online
student support services to help students succeed.

Students can choose from a number of online Master’s degree programs at Howard University.
These programs include: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, Master of Arts
Degree in Business and a Doctorate in Business Administration. Students who complete these
degree programs will be able to pursue careers as managers, entrepreneurs, or salespeople.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is ideal for students looking to begin work towards a master’s
degree. Students who have a strong academic history in a related field will be able to benefit
from this broad master’s degree program. It provides broad industry knowledge and enhances
the student’s critical thinking skills. This degree enables students to achieve career goals
through specialized training and prepares students to enter the professional world after

The Master of Arts degree incorporates upper level business courses and liberal arts courses to
offer a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program. Students in the program are prepared for
leadership positions in industry or the government, depending on their chosen field. Graduates
of this program are capable of penetrating into leadership roles in industry, government, or
nonprofit organizations. Students in this master’s degree program will be prepared for careers in
law, medicine, or education. They may also choose to continue their education by obtaining
additional graduate degrees such as a Doctorate in Business Administration at Howard

Howard University has many other graduate and professional programs. Some of these
programs offer internship opportunities or hands-on learning opportunities with business
consultants, executives, or other professionals. Students in these programs develop leadership
skills and acquire job skills that help them later in life secure jobs in business or government.
An associate’s degree is often required for entry-level positions, but those seeking more advanced
positions may opt for a Master’s degree, which is a slightly more challenging coursework.
Graduates of the program may be eligible for higher level positions, such as Vice President for
Finance or Manager of an Office. These higher level positions require a candidate to have a
specific skill set and background in business.

Howard University’s Graduate programs are perfect for students who wish to advance their
education to achieve a higher level in business or education. There are several undergraduates
degree options, including an Associate of Arts program and a Bachelor of Science degree in
Business. There are also professional certificate programs, including the Certificate in Social
Services or the Certificate in Human Resources. For those interested in teaching, Howard
University offers courses in education and teaching. With a strong education foundation,
graduates will be able to pursue careers in teaching, early childhood development, or