Free Online Courses With Certificates In USA

Free Online Courses With Certificates In USA

There are numerous online courses with certificates in the United States. They offer certificates to help you advance your career. These could lead to the creation of new jobs or promotions at work.

The courses are available to anyone interested and are generally offered online through Coursera and other online learning platforms.

As we all know, the world is gradually becoming a global community. Consequently, the debate about what is more beneficial between face-to-face and online learning is rapidly becoming irrelevant. In the context of online education, universities or institutions, organizations, and other companies offer courses for individuals free or at no cost.

Having an online course for no cost can help you expand your knowledge for free. But, some free online courses offer printed certificates and qualifications, which can be used to improve your resume or for applying for jobs within the field either in your country of origin or in another.

In line with this, we will give you the information you need to find the top online courses with certificates within America and why you should consider these courses.

Why Should You Take Free Online Courses With Certificates In USA?

  • Any certification issued by a reputable US university or online education platform is highly valued, as the United States of America is regarded as a world power.
  • In contrast to other online learning options classes, you can take these courses free from peace and comfort at your own home with a certificate to prove it.
  • Additionally, if the certificates are purchased, you pay less to earn online certification than for on-campus training.
  • A certificate earned from an online course run by a US school after completion could be a nice reward for those who still need to visit the USA.
  • Online education from an institution in the United States can expose students to New Learning Technologies.

Benefits Of Online Courses

  • Online courses are easy to access
  • Online courses give you the more personal attention
  • Online courses help you meet interesting people
  • Online courses offer the flexibility
  • Online courses provide financial benefits
  • Online courses provide education directly to you at your home
  • Online courses will teach you how to remain disciplined
  • Online courses connect you with the world’s community
  • Online courses provide you with the real-world skills you need
  • Online courses promote life-long learning

Free Online Courses With Certificates In USA

Below are the free online courses with certificates in USA that will drastically improve your educational and career prospects.

1. Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certificate

Google IT Automation with Python Professional is a set of six-course certificates designed by Google to equip IT professionals with highly sought-after IT expertise, such as Python, Git, and IT automation.

This course will build your skills and the foundation to move your career to the next stage. This course is created to teach you how to program with Python and how to use Python to automate commonly used administrative tasks for the system.

In this course, you’ll also be taught how to use Git and GitHub to debug and troubleshoot complex issues and implement automation using the configuration management system and the Cloud.

The certificate can be completed in around six months. It’s designed to help you prepare for different positions in IT, such as higher-end IT Support Specialist or Junior Systems Administrator roles.

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2. The Science of Well-Being

The Science of Well-Being is an online course designed to help you improve your inner peace and develop healthier and more effective practices. The course focuses on the myths about happiness, the negative aspects of the mind that could lead us to consider how we should act, as well as the research that aids us in changing our thinking. You’re finally ready to begin incorporating a specific exercise to improve your living quality.

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3. Machine Learning

The Science of Well-Being is an online course designed to help you improve your inner happiness and to develop healthier and more effective practices. The course discusses the myths about happiness and the negative features of the mind that could lead us to consider how we should act and the research that can help us to change. It is time to implement a specific wellness exercise to improve the quality of your daily life.

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4. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate course will help you pursue a career in data science or machine learning to build skills relevant to your career and expertise.

The course bundle includes nine online data science courses that provide you with the latest work-ready tools and techniques, such as open-source libraries and tools, SQL, data visualization, data analysis, predictive modeling, and machine-learning algorithms.

Additionally, you will learn about data science by doing hands-on exercises in the IBM Cloud using various data science tools and real data sets. After the Data Science course, you’ll have an array of data science projects that will help you get into the field of data science.

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5. Digital Marketing Specialization

Digital Marketing Specialization is a package of seven-course certificates designed by ILLINOIS. The course covers topics such as Digital Marketing Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and 3D printing.

It’s an online certificate course you can complete in eight months. It helps you develop advanced and intermediate levels of capabilities in the area of Digital marketing. Additionally, you’ll be able to apply these techniques to a real-world capstone project created in collaboration with Grainger once you’ve completed the digital marketing course.

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6. Python for Everybody Specialization

Python for everybody specializations is a program that assists you in understanding the basics of programming using the Python language. This course introduces fundamental programming concepts, including data structures, networked application program interfaces, and Python programming language.

In the example of the capstone assignment, you will be taught how to use the most current technology to build Python applications to process data, retrieve it and visualize it.

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