Free Online Courses In Canada For International Students

Free Online Courses In Canada For International Students

There are several free online courses in Canada for International students with certificates to boost your career needs which might ultimately result in new jobs or promotions at work.

These courses are open for interested persons and they are mostly taken online on Coursera and other online learning platforms.

Why Should You Take Free Online Courses In Canada?

Are you aware that if you select Canada as a viable option for your online education, it is an intelligent choice? This is because it’s evident the fact that Canada is the best world’s educated nation. In fact, over half of the population of Canada hold a diploma.

Additionally, Canadians are highly hospitable to students from other countries, and make a great effort in ensuring that their students are protected and treated with respect, as well as have fun in Canada.

As an international student, you can take part in one of the most powerful economies in the world while living in a luxurious way and enjoying a flexible learning environment.

There are free online government certificates on Canada websites to obtain certifications that are approved as valid by the federal government.

10 Advantages Of Online Courses

  1. Online courses are convenient
  2.  Online courses offer flexibility
  3. Online courses bring education right to your home
  4. Online courses offer more individual attention
  5. Online courses help you meet interesting people
  6. Online courses give you real world skills
  7. Online courses promote life-long learning
  8. Online courses have financial benefits
  9. Online courses teach you to be self-disciplined
  10.  Online courses connect you to the global village

There are likely to be many other advantages of online-based courses, however, I believe that you’ve got the concept. The main reason is we’re living in a constantly changing world that is full of possibilities that are new.

The ability to gain new knowledge or develop a new skill at any time and at any time you like offers more possibilities for education as never before. The reach and scope of education is expanded to higher horizons than anyone could have thought of.

Are All Online Courses In Canada Free?

The majority of online courses offered in Canada are completely free. However, certificates can be purchased on their own. You can view videos for free, take part in discussion forums and study the course material, but you may be required to pay to receive certificates for these courses.

A lot of online certificate courses in Canada are available through a monthly subscription and monthly costs ranging between $39 and $79. The majority of them offer a free seven-day trial period, after which you’ll be charged. You won’t be charged if you decide to cancel your trial during the trial period.

What Is The Time Frame For Online Courses?

There isn’t a fixed answer to this question. The timeframe of online courses varies. Some of them can be completed in just five weeks, whereas others may take a full year.

The majority of online courses run for 8 weeks, but some programs last for as long as 10 weeks, depending on the curriculum.

The typical length of online courses can vary between 30 minutes to four hours, this is based on the kind of course you’re offering and the depth of the content you’re instructing.

For instance, if someone is looking to master Photoshop to create an easy graphic to share on social networks and other platforms, they could enroll in a one-hour course.

10 Tips On How To Succeed In Online Courses

  1. Establish a productive learning environment
  2. Set a schedule for completing and reviewing assignments
  3. Seek virtual interactions with your peers
  4. Use the ‘chunking’ strategy to section out tasks
  5. Try to increase your interest in the work
  6. Make the work you’re doing online more personally significant
  7. Imagine yourself on a path toward mastering the subject
  8. Problem-Solve on Your Own
  9. Focus on Your Self-Care
  10. Have Compassion for Others

Free Online Courses In Canada For International Students

These courses are also beneficial to domestic students, but they will be of greater value for foreign students, since these courses are essential in order to be able to pursue studies in Canada for an overseas student. The following are a few of the classes.

1. Free IELTS Online Courses

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an examination which international students from non-English speaking countries must pass to be allowed into Canadian institutions.

If you’re planning to pursue a degree in Canada, then you must possess a high IELTS score. Therefore, this course is among the courses listed on this list of online courses offered in Canada. The course is accompanied by an award of a free certificate for students from other countries who want to study a course within Canada with a lower score on the IELTS and haven’t been accepted to the school they prefer in Canada.

The British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English are the ones who administer the exam. If there isn’t a different option to submit IELTS scores or certificates, IELTS certificate or score, it is a mandatory requirement for international students who wish to pursue their studies in Canada.

2. Free GMAT Preparation Online Courses

The Graduate Management Entrance Test (GMAT) is a computer-based adaptive test designed to assess quantitative oral analytical, writing and reading proficiency in written English to be used in graduate management classes like MBA courses.

A lot of colleges within the United States, Canada, and in other countries require GMAT to be enrolled in graduate programs. serves as the main organization that is responsible for managing and overseeing the GMAT. In Canada, they offer a range of free online GMAT classes that all international students are able to attend from any part of the world.

3. Free GRE Preparation Online Courses

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is one of the most required tests that are standardized for numerous graduate programs across the United States and Canada. Therefore, applicants may be refused admission to the graduate program they wish to attend if they fail this test. GRE is managed and owned by Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Free Online Courses In Canada For International Students With Certificate

The courses mentioned in this article are offered by accredited Canadian universities that you might have applied for as a resident or international student.

Be aware that you can take these courses at the convenience of your workplace, home, or any other location where you are most comfortable. It is not necessary to be physically present at the establishment that provides these courses.

After the course, you’ll be awarded a certificate, which you can print and save as proof that you’ve completed the course.

1. Fashion And Design Free Online Courses

There is no specific entry requirement, this free online course in Canada is completely done online along with its certification. It only takes about 20 hours to finish.

The fashion design online course is offered at Brentwood Open Learning College and the enrollment period is available all throughout the year, so you are able to apply for the course right now.

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2. Free Online Courses On Accounting

This no-cost online accounting course does not require an initial entry requirement. It’s self-paced, and will take around 20 hours to finish.

This is a brief course that is open to interested individuals throughout the year.

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3. Software Development Free Online Courses

Software development is the process involves thinking about design, describing, writing, documenting, testing, and fixing bugs in developing and maintaining software frameworks, applications, or different software elements.

The software development classes are available on the Coursera platform. Applicants can even get an undergraduate or master’s degree in computer science that includes software development completely online through the platform.

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Free Online Courses On Good Writing Skills

These online writing skills courses are provided by several leading universities. They focus on helping students develop their skills in writing essays, report writing, grammar, stories business writing, and many more.

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4. Free Online Courses on Business Communication

The free course will take 10-15 hours to complete. There are tests that each student who wants to finish the course successfully to earn the certificate must be able to score as high as 80 percent in.

In this course, you will be taught how to improve your business writing abilities and enhance your communication and presentation skills.

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5. Free IELTS Preparation Online Courses

This online course for free includes lessons on listening and speaking, reading, as well as writing to prepare you for the IELTS test.

IELTS is among the academic tests for students of non-English nations who wish to pursue their studies at universities in Canada, Australia, the USA or any other English countries.

The course is thorough and self-paced, allowing students to learn in the most convenient time.

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6. Free Online Course On English For Development

This massive open online course (MOOCs) are completely free courses of study created in conjunction together with British Platform FutureLearn.

Utilizing methods that go far beyond the traditional linguistics, the MOOCs enable students from all over the globe to learn English and to discover British culture. They also provide chances for educators to further their professional growth.

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7. Free Online Course On Learning To Teach Online

Are you an educator? Have you ever thought of learning more about how to structure your classes to make more effective use of technology for education, whether online, or even in mixed environments? Do you want to learn from experts who have a wealth of knowledge of online technology?

The Learning to Teach Online (LTTO) MOOC will help you to gain a better understanding of effective online teaching methods, which you can implement in your own classroom. The course is based on the multi-award successful open educational resource created by Dr. Simon McIntyre and Karin Watson.

Integrating online technology into your teaching can be a challenging prospect, it’s difficult to determine how to tackle it to the benefit of your students as well as yourself. There is no one who knows your teaching style and abilities better than your own, as well as using the “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work for all students.

Whatever technology you’re looking to explore or the level of expertise you have, this course will assist you in drawing upon your strengths as a teacher and discover the method that is appropriate for your students and your educational context.

This course will help you on the process of understanding how technology can be used to enhance the design of your course. You will be able to gain a deeper knowledge of effective online teaching methods and their connection to the application of various technology.

Additionally, you will be encouraged to develop and analyze your own online learning activities and assessment tool or resource for use in your own classroom in the event that you choose to complete the assignments of the course.

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The idea of online free courses offered in Canada seems appealing, doesn’t it? Enrolling into any of these online courses for free in Canada is a great option for a student. These online courses do not just assist students in advancing their careers, but also serve as a great option for students with other commitments.

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