Fordham University Graduate Programs

Fordham University Graduate Programs

Fordham University proudly proclaims its excellence in education, with its undergraduate programs boasting nearly 60 undergraduate degree options and more than 100 graduate degree options from which to choose.

Many students opt to earn their degree at one of Fordham University’s numerous branches, and finding a degree program that is right for them requires research.

Many students discover that they have little interest in one branch of Fordham University, and therefore they do not make a decision about whether or not to pursue a degree from that branch until they have completed all the requirements to qualify to enter another.

Students can use the Fordham University Graduate Programs portal to see which degree programs they might be interested in before enrolling in those specific programs.

The Fordham University Graduate Programs portal contains a comprehensive listing of the undergraduate and graduate degree schools. Some of the programs listed are merely undergraduate degrees, while others include graduate programs in areas such as education and counseling, law, nursing, and paralegal studies.

The University has high standards for those who wish to enroll in its graduate programs, and those who enter its graduate programs will be considered for admittance into its graduate school and to its faculty.

Fordham University prides itself on its commitment to academic excellence and its success in providing its students with a high-quality education. Graduates of its undergraduate and graduate programs go on to earn highly respected careers in fields as diverse as law, medicine, and accounting, just to name a few.

There are also several minors offered by Fordham University, along with an array of certificate, specialty, and non-degree programs. Those students who wish to pursue more advanced education degrees or those who are seeking employment opportunities within the field of religious counseling should consider one of the Fordham University Graduate Schools that offer fully online programs.

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The Master’s program in Clinical Pastoral Therapy is one of the fully online graduate schools, offering an advanced level of training in the area of pastoral counseling. Students will study pastoral therapy from a master’s level, up until the completion of their master’s degree, which will also be completed online.

Another Master’s program offered by Fordham University that offers students an opportunity to complete a year of work at the center is the Master’s Degree in African American Studies. This is a challenging program given the variety of coursework that must be completed in order to acquire this degree.

In order to prepare for this highly regarded degree, students will participate in a year of seminars, focus groups, and small group projects that help prepare them for their Master’s degree. Students may choose to major in a variety of areas in order to fulfill their specialization requirements.

One of the Fordham University Graduate Programs that ranks highly among other schools in the area of educational administration is their Doctorate in Teaching Education. Students who choose this as their doctoral degree will have an abundance of opportunities in the field of teaching education.

The Doctorate in Teaching Education allows students to specialize in a specific area of teacher education, such as early childhood development, or elementary teaching. They can also choose to specialize in early childhood development or special education, depending on their interests.

Another program that offers students a chance to specialize in an area of specialization is the Doctorate in Educational Administration, which specializes in the field of curriculum and Instruction. Students in this doctorate program will be able to apply theory to practice by completing a dissertation.

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An impressive standing within the Fordham faculty is required before you can enroll in this program. In addition, the student must also complete a minimum of three years of post-baccalaureate study at the undergraduate level before they may enter the PhD program.

This program also awards a partial online Master’s degree, which is a great option for those who wish to pursue an advanced degree but live near other students or those who cannot get into traditional on-campus residency programs.

The Fordham University Graduate Programs encompass a diversity of areas. Students can choose to major in areas such as human resources, business, or the environment, or they can also choose to take courses that focus on the fields of sociology, theology, or religious studies.

There are also a number of concentrations available at the graduate level including early childhood development, early childhood teaching, and developmental psychology.

The Fordham University Graduate Programs also offer a number of workshops, seminars, and special events each year that students can participate in to enhance their professional development and knowledge of the industry. These include business planning conferences, master classes in different areas, and a number of other workshops and seminars.

The Fordham University Graduate Programs has been ranked among the top graduate schools all over the world. This prestigious title is given to allow the school to join the Ivy League and attend some of the finest academic and research institutions in the country.

Fordham is also home to a number of internship programs that give students the chance to gain work experience while enrolled at the school. This experience will then help them when they complete their degree and begin working in the field. This helps the graduate student prepare for the real world and the demands placed upon him or her in the workplace.